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Class Descriptions

Aqua Yoga

Chair Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Traditonal Yoga Asana practiced in a heated therapy pool. Poses are modified to be suitable for the pool setting. Perfect for those with arthritis, recovering from injury or illness, with age, weight or other health concerns. 
Adapted postures that can be practiced without going down to the floor. Perfect for anyone who needs more stability or has balance issues/anxiety. Can be practiced from a wheelchair, with the aid of walkers, and canes. 
Classes designed for the workplace and held on site. Modifications may be made to fit the needs of the students and the space provided. 

Gentle Yoga

Level 1 Yoga

Level 2 Yoga

Basic Yoga practice with a slower, softer pace. No inversions without the aid of props. Also referred to as "Feel Good Yoga". 
An introduction to the benefits of Yoga Asana, breath work, and beginning meditation. 
A deeper study of Yoga. Suitable for those with experience who would like more challange. 

Mixed Level

Includeds movement from Chair, Genlte, Level 1, and Level 2 Yoga. This class is suitable and comfortable for all levels.